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What is SEO? Some people say it's science. Some refer to SEO as an art. We believe that search engine optimization is a double serving of each. There are many differences between SEO providers, so do your homework before you choose one. Please see our references, then call DOitSEO at 760-749-9197.

By now, you have surely heard of SEO. For the benefit of those who have been living on the moon or otherwise not paying attention, SEO is taking the internet by storm. SEO, also called Search Engine Optimization, is a wonderful amalgam of art and science. SEO is the way successful websites are recognized and ranked by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Without great SEO, even the fanciest and most expensive website will not thrive and succeed. If you have invested money, effort and long nights into building a fabulous website, you'd better get it optimized just as soon as you can.

How does optimizing your site within the next fifteen minutes sound? We're not kidding. Fifteen minutes. If you download the DOitSEO proprietary SEO software and allow it to install itself on your website, your site could be doing its own optimizing within that time. Choose five keywords, then register with DOitSEO and download the free SEO platform software. We charge nothing at all for a five-keyword SEO account. If you would like your website to be optimized for a greater number of keywords, enroll in one of our very affordable SEO plans. Either way, paid account or freebie, DOitSEO will do wonderful things for your website. We will do your XML maps, relevant inbound links and other effective aspects of great SEO.

SEO as a field of expertise has been around since the mid to late 1990s-- about as long as true search engines have been in common existence. DOitSEO is a part of Cali Style Tech. CS Tech is the world leader in automated search engine optimization. Please try a free five-keyword account and let us know how you like it. 

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